The fountain of youth

You have the eternal youth elixir already within reach!

You don’t need to travel through dense rainforest to find the special species of a plant, brew it into a magical herbal tea, take 2 sips of it at full moon, sing a special ancient song…Nope!

We all want to get old, but don’t want to be old. Being old is associated with pains, less energy and less vitality.

It all comes down to our muscle mass. Until the age of 30 our body develops and we get more muscle mass and are full of energy. We can run, play, dance, jump all without too much trouble. We have strong muscles and bones. We are capable of lifting our children and…???

After the age of 30 our body starts to lose muscle mass, sarcopenia, we start to get minor pains in back or knees, we sit down more, move less.

But now here is the 1 million dollar question: do we lose muscle mass and therefore are less active OR is it the other way around? Are we less active and therefore lose muscle mass?

More and more studies signal us in the second direction. And that is fantastic news, because we can control our loss of muscle mass. We have our youth elixir in our body. We can control in what way we age. That we age is no problem, we all want to get old, but…in good health, with energy and without pains.

So training your muscles is the key to eternal youth, we at fit20 can help you in just 20 minutes per week. That is all what you need to get healthy, stay healthy and fit and grow old in a fabulous way…and then you have energy to go on a rainforest adventure holiday!

Nothing can stop you anymore.