fit20 keeps surprising, even me!

This weekend I challenged myself, I participated in the Goggins Challenge.
I normally run 2 x a week around 5 if I try extra hard I do max 60km a month. I know "real" runners run this (or more) weekly.

Next to my running I do once a week my fit20.

Ok, as said I challenged myself with the Goggins 4x4x48 challenge. This means you run 4 miles (6.5km) every 4 hours and do that for 48 hours.
Well it would be crazy for me and my running abilities to even think I could do the whole 12 runs in the 2 days...I don't even do 12 runs in a month! But to challenge myself I wanted to do half, what comes down to 6 runs, with a total of 39km, in 24 hours!

I started at 4pm Thursday, then 8pm, then a run at 12 midnight (people who saw me run at midnight probably thought I was crazy