“After every session I feel like a million dollars and it lasts just about a week!”

After undergoing a double hip replacement in 2014, I was not as active as I used to be before. My fit20 journey started in May 2018 and I can say that it changed my life. I have noticed increased power output in all my activities and have achieved weight as well as major inch loss, I can now easily balance on one leg again and I feel that my back and legs are much stronger and my lower back pain has disappeared.

fit20 has given me a new level of physical confidence, I cycle 60km on a regular basis, I started walking up the stairs every day, am jogging up steep hills for aerobic exercise and I am thinking about taking up surfing again. Before I started training at fit20 I was not able to do all of this.

Other people have witnessed the change and my wife no even says: “ooh honey, you’re looking good”.

I really like the scientific and measured approach and the trainers are coaching me properly and pushing me to my limits. I would definitely recommend fit20 as it has given me a new lease on life, getting so much pleasure out of being active and strong again!

fit20 has enabled a remarkable strengthening of my core functions, and in so doing has opened up for me many physical activities that I thought were in my past. Whenever I do a movement now, I do it with conscious understanding, which is a total revelation for both body and mind. At the beginning I never believed that 20 minutes a week could really be of any use, but it has changed my life.

Thank you fit20 Qatar!