Roula El Labaki

“I always feel great after the training, more energy!”

Because I work out regularly to stay in shape, I was surprised to see what I achieved with fit20 in just 20 minutes per week. We perform body measurements in our diet center and after 3 months of training my body fat was lower, my lean muscle mass increased and my metabolism improved!

The training helps me to keep in shape and gain muscles. I witnessed an improvement in my general posture and some minor back pain due to long working hours behind a desk have largely disappeared. My endurance in other fitness classes improved.

My personal trainer is professional and supportive and encourages me to push myself a bit more every time I train. Because it is just one 20 minute session per week, it is super convenient and easy to continue.

I would definitely recommend fit20 to anyone who wants to become fitter.

Roula El Labaki (30) Dietitian Slim 'n lite