Rob de Rijke

“I have witnessed a significant reduction in back pain from which I’ve suffered for nearly 10 years!”

Before fit20 my back pain was controlling my life on many levels. MRI scans showed a deterioration of my lumbar spine at discs L3, L4 and L5. Not being able to stand or walk for more than 5 minutes was something I got used to because I couldn’t find a proper way to get rid of my back pain. With fit20 I am now able to walk for a full day without any major problems. I have tried many ways of different physiotherapy and manual therapy and have spoken to many different specialists, all without any real results. After I started fit20 in combination with my usual daily stretch and flex exercises I soon found out that the fit20 workout is really helping me making my back and the rest of my body stronger. People around me are noticing this in my daily activities.

Fit20 is a short but intense workout. Since I have seen BIG mobility improvements and don’t need to change clothes before the sessions, it takes me a short period of time and I stay motivated easily. My stamina and energy levels have increased and I became stronger overall since I have been able to train with higher weights ever since I started in January 2017.

My personal trainer is very caring, passionate and helpful to find the best possible way to get the maximum results out of my fit20 training. Since it only takes me 20 minutes per week, it is easy to continue and has become part of my lifestyle.

I have recently continued my membership for another 6 months and do recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Rob de Rijke (44) Senior Training Supervisor QatarGas