Do you always train alone at fit20?

At fit20 you train either alone or with a regular training partner. Many people prefer to train alone: your personal trainer is focused only on you and nothing else matters.

Unlike public gyms, fit20 is ideal for you even if you have physical limitations. Because your personal trainer knows and understands the implications of your condition or injury, your programme will be perfectly tailored for you.

What is the advantage of training together?

Some people prefer to train with a regular training partner rather than train alone. Training together introduces an additional reason to stick at it and achieve more, so it’s even easier to make your fit20 training a permanent part of your working week. And of course, it’s a more economical option, too.

How does a fixed appointment work?

At fit20 you always train by appointment. Together with your personal trainer you determine what time of the week suits you best for your regular appointment. Should it be essential, you can of course reschedule your appointment, but by making a regular appointment, your training becomes a fixed part of your weekly schedule that’s easy to keep.

If your schedule prevents you from fixing a regular session, your trainer may be able to schedule a variable weekly appointment. This is not ideal, but we fully appreciate that some work routines make regular slots impossible and we’ll always do our best to help.

Because you can reschedule your appointment if necessary, you can constantly build on your results week by week. In addition, your training continuity is guaranteed, giving you 100% value for your subscription (compare this with the subscription value at large gyms)!

What are the advantages of the fixed training appointment?

For many people a fixed training appointment inspires extra discipline and helps prevent them from simply giving up. It’s time to train… So they always go! Of course, you can reschedule your appointment if necessary, so you get the best possible value for money.

Knowing that your personal trainer has prepared for you and awaits your arrival also helps you to stick to your weekly training schedule. The result? You feel happy, positive and fulfilled- your fit20 training keeps you feeling that way year after year!

Why don’t I need to change into sportswear for my fit20 training?

Changing clothes is unnecessary for your fit20 training. Because you train very slowly with a heavy weight, all your energy is spent in reaching your maximum performance rather than perspiring.

The ambient temperature of each fit20 studio is cooled to around 17°C and, combined with the training methods, this allows your body to work without perspiring. This gives you a great advantage as you can simply train wearing your everyday clothes!

Why is there no shower in the fit20 studios?

With slow-motion training and an ambient studio temperature of 17°C, you do not perspire, so there’s no need to take a shower afterwards and you can simply get on with the rest of your day. With no change of clothes or kit bag packing needed, fit20 saves you a great deal of time compared with traditional gym training. All you need to do is to arrive in time for your 20-minute training appointment.

Isn’t it necessary to perspire in order to burn fat?

No – perspiring has no effect on burning fat. When the glucose stores (glycogen) in your muscles run out, your body will burn free fatty acids. There’s no faster way to use up your glycogen than intensive fit20 training.
In addition, fit20 training improves your body’s response to insulin, so if you take care not to overload on carbohydrates, your body will stay in its fat burning mode for many hours all day.
So you see… fit20 training is the perfect way to burn fat – without working up a sweat!

What are the benefits of having a fit20 personal trainer?

The fit20 personal trainer gives you effective and professional guidance and an enjoyable training experience, week after week. Because your trainer is focused on you alone during each session, s/he can make sure that all your training minutes are used to the max.

Your fit20 trainer encourages and motivates you. S/he is a safety net when your self-discipline lets you down and keen to support and congratulate your achievements. Your personal trainer will guide you from the first to the last minute of your training, so you can focus completely on performing at your best. Your trainer’s expertise is supported with our fit20 iPad app on which your progress is monitored and tracked week by week.

What can a fit20 personal trainer do for me?

Throughout every training session your fit20 personal trainer will guide you towards achieving your very best performance. Your trainer calibrates the equipment to match your height and weight. S/he makes sure you maintain your optimum speed and coaches you through the toughest minutes of the training. S/he checks that you perform every exercise precisely and correctly and records your results on the fit20 iPad app.

What expertise does my personal trainer have?

All fit20 personal trainers are trained and certified in the fit20 Academy, a centre of excellence in High Intensity Training. Every one of them is knowledgeable, inspiring and focused fully on your personal progress. Your fit20 trainer will probably own the studio where you train.
You can find out more about your fit20 personal trainer’s individual background and experience on the Studio page.

What’s so different about a fit20 studio?

Your fit20 studio is peaceful, stylish, inviting and exudes quality. The décor is clean, fresh and contemporary. From the moment you arrive, you’ll enjoy professional, individual attention and a welcome sense of focus.

You train by appointment, so there’s no wait – but should you arrive a little early, there’s always a comfortable place to relax. Your personal trainer always makes sure that there is water available for you both during and after your training. Some studios have quality massage chairs for you to use at the end of your session.

How is the fit20 studio different from a gym?

In the fit20 studio you’re distraction-free: no loud music, no noisy crowds, no mirrors and absolutely no need to worry about what other trainees are doing or thinking. At fit20 you train in peaceful, purposeful privacy.

There are no class sessions and you don’t even need to share a changing room with strangers (in fact, you don’t even need to change clothes at all)! If you appreciate tranquillity, fit20 is the ideal fitness solution for you. If you choose, you can train alongside a regular training partner. However, you will each be focused on your own performance and dedicated trainer, so distraction simply doesn’t happen.

How can just 20 minutes’ training per week give me guaranteed results?

At fit20 you train very intensively: sessions are short but immensely powerful. You train slowly but with a heavy weight. By slightly exceeding your strength limits, your body is powerfully stimulated to grow stronger. Your condition improves and your whole body will function better.

Your personal trainer gives you frequent and valuable insight into your progress with the help of our unique fit20 iPad app. During each training session, your trainer captures your data and you’ll see noticeable and measurable results within just three months.

What results can I expect?

Your functional strength will increase. You’ll notice this in your daily life, for example when lifting heavy shopping bags or participating in sports. Your fitness and body condition will improve and you’ll be able to sustain physical exercise for much longer.

You’ll have more energy because the mitochondria (your body cells’ energy powerhouses) will function more efficiently. With improving metabolism and insulin/glucose levels, you’ll look and feel better too. Unpleasant problems like back pain will reduce.

Is it true that I shouldn’t do more than my weekly fit20 training?

During the fit20 training you will take your body to its own limit, triggering an adaptation stimulus. When you reach this point, your body needs rest in order to grow stronger. The optimum period of rest is about seven days, so you should have only one fit20 training session each week.

During the rest period you become stronger. You can of course play recreational sports or take part in gentler activities like easy hiking. If you're not a natural athlete or inclined to sports or exercise, you’ll notice that after doing the fit20 training for a while, you’ll be more enthusiastic about moving and exercising.

Will fit20 exercise improve my cardiovascular fitness and condition?

Yes, fit20 training certainly increases cardiovascular fitness. Intensive training increases your muscles’ demand for oxygen, and your heart will pump harder to send oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. fit20 sessions provide intensive and effective cardiovascular training and no other cardio exercise is necessary.

Alone or together

One of the unique features of fit20 is the option to train alone or with a training partner. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to achieving mental focus and performance excellence in just 20 minutes per week.

Absolute attention

Until the arrival of fit20, full 1:1 attention and focus in the training room was experienced only by elite athletes. Now it can be yours: your fit20 trainer’s attention is 100% on you and your focus is purely on your performance. It’s a winning formula.

Distraction-free training

At fit20 it’s all about your training performance. That's why you train in peace, without the distraction of others.

Train alone or with a regular training partner

If you wish you can train with a regular training partner. This might better suit your personality, your diary, or your pocket (training with a partner reduces the cost).

Totally focused

With just one or two others in the studio, it’s much easier to focus and concentrate on your training. What’s more, many people find this a refreshingly enjoyable way to train!

Every minute matters

Your personal trainer focuses entirely on you − and on your training partner, if you choose to have one. That means you benefit from every moment during your session, so you enjoy the most effective training and the greatest possible results.

Rudi & Anke Thomas,
We will never quit: fit20 for life!
Rudi & Anke Thomas, Retired

Always by appointment

Regular Appointments
The main advantage of a fixed weekly fit20 training appointment is that it gives you a positive boost that motivates you to attend, even on those days when you feel like taking it easy. With your friendly, supportive and focused fit20 trainer waiting for you and an uplifting session ahead, it’s so much easier to make it to the studio!

Positive upward spiral

Your fit20 schedule solves the age-old problem of losing your motivation and drive when other pressures get in the way. With fit20, something very different happens... You enjoy your weekly sessions and each one makes you feel better, mentally and physically. Because you feel good about it, you’re keen to train each week: it’s a great mindset that puts you on a positive, upward spiral.

A fixed appointment every week

At fit20 you always train by appointment at a time that suits you, so your fit20 session becomes part of your regular routine.

The positive weekly boost

The weekly fixed appointment acts as a positive boost. Because your coach is waiting for you, you’ll always get there - even on those occasional days when the sofa beckons!

Value for money

Regular, consistent training guarantees your continuity and progress, giving you outstanding value for money.

Feeling good about yourself

Sticking to your weekly training makes you feel good about yourself. That means you’ll love your training sessions - so your results just keep on improving. Like thousands of clients before you, your fit20 training will bring you many years of fitness and satisfaction.
Anneke de Vries,
We have an exercise machine at home, but without any motivation I don't use it. The weekly fit20 appointment motivates me to train every week.
Anneke de Vries, Retired

No need to change clothes or shower

fit20 is highly time-effective. With a short session by appointment – and no time wasted packing your gym bag or changing clothes – fit20 is incredibly easy to fit into your weekly diary. It’s also a big attraction for those who don’t feel at ease in a changing room, gym shower or in sportswear.

Training without perspiration

Many people think you have to work yourself into a sweat to deliver a top performance, but fit20 proves that this is simply not true! This convenient, intensive training method provides a huge health incentive and improves your body in many ways… but you can leave your sports bag at home!

No need to change clothes or shower

fit20’s unique training method and specially cooled ambient studio temperature mean that changing clothes and showering are unnecessary.

No hassle with sports bags

We try to make your weekly fit20 training as accessible as possible. You don’t even need to pack a sports bag!

Integrates easily into your normal day

With no time wasted on changing or showering, and high-intensity training achieved in just 20 minutes, fit20 fits beautifully into your normal daily schedule.

All energy to your performance

With fit20 you don’t lose energy in temperature regulation (ie sweating!). Instead, all your energy goes into effort, development and fat burning.

Wendy Zwart-Peters
There are five main benefits for me. fit20 demands little time, I don’t need to shower or change clothes, I become fitter, my office is next to the studio and ... it works!
Wendy Zwart-Peters Lawyer at JPR Advocaten Deventer

Personal Trainer

Your expert personal trainer
The secret of the fit20 system is that every time you train, you reach just beyond the limits of what you believe you can do. Training just those few seconds longer than you think possible empowers you to improve your whole body.

This calm but intense training method demands expert personal coaching – and your fit20 trainer knows exactly what you need to do to get the best results. S/he helps you through that process, ensuring that you don’t unintentionally ‘cheat’ and damage your muscles. Your personal trainer will guide you safely through a very intense performance while you focus solely on your effort.

Affordable and highly effective personal training

The fit20 concept is designed to deliver major health benefits in a short time. Our fit20 training sessions are brief and therefore affordable: during each 20-minute session, your personal trainer is there for you alone and no further training time is needed.

20 minute personal attention just for you

fit20 is a specialised form of High Intensity Training (HIT). Just 20 minutes’ close personal guidance from your fit20 trainer is enough to improve every part of your body.

Expert personal trainers

Every fit20 personal trainer is trained and certified within the fit20 Academy, the HIT Centre of Excellence.

Distraction-free training

The personal trainer does everything for you- except doing the exercise for you! S/he manages equipment, creates your weekly exercise schedule, tracks your performance, monitors your speed, adapts and corrects your performance, oversees your progress and motivates you.

Safe for everyone

Whether you are super-fit or otherwise, under-or overweight, young or old, pregnant, have a chronic illness or other problems, your fit20 expert personal trainer will determine exactly what you need and how you can progress.

Jan Willem van Weerdenburg
Another plus is that you train under the guidance of a personal trainer, so if you are thinking about giving up, your personal trainer gives you just that last push in the right direction.
Jan Willem van Weerdenburg accountant at Iding vechtstreek BV

Privacy and silence

The atmosphere in a fit20 studio is characterised by personal attention, silence and excellence. Everything is designed to ensure that your precious training minutes are used to maximum benefit. There are no neighbouring conversations or music to distract you. You can give all your attention to your training, and your personal trainer will focus solely on you.

At fit20 we have just one goal: to help you to achieve your best performance, health and fitness. With everything in the studio focused on this objective, you’re free from worries and interruptions. Every fit20 client comes to us for the training, not social contact, so you will experience true focus and tranquillity.

Concentration and mindful training

At fit20 you train with your attention and focus on your performance in the moment. Only you, your trainer and your performance count. Nothing can distract you. This takes you safely out of your comfort zone, allowing you to give more than you thought possible and bringing not only the thrill of physical achievement but the liberation of positive mental growth.

Calm and inviting

In a calm and inviting fit20 studio you’ll find peace and freedom from distractions. You will be welcomed as a guest and respected in every way.


Not everyone feels comfortable when working on physical fitness. At fit20, you can train away from prying eyes.

No distractions

In the fit20 studio there’s no loud music, no mirrors, no crowded rooms, no noisy cafes - just a fresh, clean and comfortable training room with a touch of luxury!

Concentration and focus

If you’re training effectively you have no energy to talk. You’ll discover that your fit20 studio is the perfect place to practise real focus and concentration.
Caroline Nijenhuis,
A while ago I was attending a class at a local fitness centre, but I couldn’t stand the loud music anymore and I didn’t need to socialise.
Caroline Nijenhuis, Pulmonary nurse

Results guaranteed

Muscles are made up of four different fibre types which activate depending on the strength and power required. Uniquely, the fit20 training method activates and trains all four muscle fibre types.

Because you train so intensively, it is important to get adequate rest. During the recovery period your muscles grow stronger, and your whole body function will improve: this adaptive response mechanism (known as supercompensation) allows you to reap the rewards of your training. Moreover, more frequent training is unnecessary.

Weekly optimal health incentive

Your weekly fit20 training gives a strong signal to your body to improve all its systems and capabilities, including strength, speed, cardiovascular fitness, oxygen transport, sugar and fat metabolism, bones, energy, hormonal profile, neurotransmission, immune system, recovery power, posture, muscle tone, agility, concentration and stress resistance... and much more.

Measurable results in just three months

Through the intensive fit20 training your body gets a weekly optimum health boost, helping it to become stronger and function more efficiently.

Noticeable improvement in muscle strength

During the fit20 training all muscle fibre types are used sequentially. This is such an effective exercise form that you quickly develop greater muscle strength.

More energy and a stronger heart

fit20 has a powerful effect on mitochondria (the ‘powerhouses’ driving every cell in your body) and raises your energy level. By training your muscles your cardiovascular fitness improves also.

Results tracked weekly

There’s no guesswork at fit20: every week your performance is carefully tracked in our iPad app and you can see your progress clearly on a graph.

Michiel van Haastert
Remarkably, other people began to see the results in me very quickly.
Michiel van Haastert Doctor

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